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Trainer - Julian de Randamie

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Julian de Randamie

Julian de Randamie

Master Trainer, Personal Trainer
Finding the right balance between our client's social life and a healthy lifestyle is my main priority. Translating science and research in an understandable language for our blogs is what I love to do. To keep our training programs fun I use diverse training techniques and my passion for the science behind the capabilities of the human body.


I grow up in a sportive family where exercising and healthy food was a standard. During the age of 19 I realised that a fat percentage of 22% wasn’t what my body wanted so I started reading books, following courses and educations and finally made a career switch to do what I do best: teaching people the fun, diversity and positivity of exercising and the right nutrition.


Stop living in the past: set your goals, work on it, work for it and achieve progression.

Career History

Worked for 10 years in the kitchen as a chef. Graduated with a bachelor of arts in audio recording and worked for 2 years in the audio and video branch. Finally made a career switch and now I am an entrepreneur personal trainer, sports masseurs, medical fitness trainer and performance trainer in the hockey league.