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What is a healthy eating pattern for weight loss?

What is a healthy eating pattern for weight loss?

What is a healthy eating pattern for weight loss?

Before we talk about weight loss we need to understand the importance of right nutrition. Nutrition provides energy (calories) to the human body. This energy is made up of several molecules called carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. The human body needs these molecules and the energy to function. How much of this we need depends on a person’s lifestyle. Other types of molecules that we as humans need are vitamins and minerals. These mainly ensure that the biochemical processes run smoothly, for example, the immune system.

A healthy diet contains the correct ratio of these molecules based on the lifestyle. Think of sufficient fiber, moisture, proteins, good fats, and good carbohydrates. We at Motifaith use our special mobile app for this, so our customers can see exactly how much they can eat per day. With an unhealthy diet, this ratio is not in line with what the body needs. For example, too many calories are eaten by means of too many sugars or bad fats that make you gain weight. This can also lead to slow process towards weigh loss.

|In 2019, 50.1% of Dutch people over the age of 18 were moderately or seriously overweight.|


Author: Julian de Randamie



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