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Why we love unhealthy food

Why we love unhealthy food

Why we love unhealthy food?

When it comes to good or unhealthyfood, we often think of sugar and/or high-fat food and that is not surprising. Take sugar, for example. Man has an innate preference for sweets. This is probably because sugar is converted into glucose, and our brains almost exclusively use glucose as an energy source. About 25% of the total amount of calories that a person consumes is needed for the brain, so they are real energy guzzlers.

In addition, the brain produces dopamine when eating sugar from unhealthyfood sources. Dopamine is a reward hormone and gives people a pleasant feeling.

As a result, someone who consumes a lot of sugar may unconsciously become more and more in need of sugar and therefore eat less healthy food. Fats also play an important role in our brains. These consist of about 60% fats. The types of fats we eat are important for the structure of the brain cells. There are healthy fats (omega 3-6-9) and unhealthy fats (trans fat and saturated fats). An incorrect ratio of fats leads to malfunctioning brains and other health problems.

Fortunately, our brains can also get glucose from other sources such as whole-grain cereals, fruits, legumes, vegetables, and potatoes. Healthy fats can be found in products such as olive oil, nuts, oily fish and avocado.

Author: Julian de Randamie


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