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Personal Training

Class / Muscle Gain, Tone Up, Weight Loss

About the product

Personal training with professional guidance has a proven history of being a highly effective formula for reaching your fitness goals. Losing weight, building muscle mass, improving performance, or simply feeling fit. At Motifaith, we do not only train you. We reach your goals by teaching you all the information you need to know while giving you the structure and support you need to transform your lifestyle. 

What to expect

A perfect personal training program starts with an extensive intake. In a one on one evaluation we discuss your goals as well as your lifestyle and physical history. We run a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q test) and make a plan of action. Together, we prepare your body for training and (more) physical activity, to ensure a solid base to start from. We can then maximize the output and results of your training program.


Training programs includes training modules, direct coaching with world-class trainers and nutritional guidelines. We adjust our schedule to yours and train together at least 1-2 times a week. If needed, we can also design a program for you to perform individually 1-2 times more each a week, to reach your goals faster. In addition, you’ll get full access to our Motifaith app, giving you insights in what we do and why, as well as how you’re progressing. This is measured by your coach on a weekly basis and discussed monthly with our Head Trainer.


We expect you to bring your upmost commitment and motivation to the table – we will do the rest!




Our goal is to make high-quality personal training accessible to everyone. That’s why we work with different hourly rates – varying from 55 to 85 euro per hour. All measurements, coaching sessions and nutritional guidelines are included. Our Head Trainer will assign you to the trainer matching your goals, training preferences and personal situation – as well as your budget.


This plan also gives you full and unlimited access to our Motifaith training app. And as an additional gift, we offer you access to our personal food tracking app for free! Learn More

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