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Online Training

Class / Muscle Gain, Strength, Weight Loss

About the product

Online training and virtual coaching are great ways to learn more about fitness techniques and training plans, but also to keep track of your goals and progress. Effective, on-demand fitness programs available anywhere, at any time.

With us, online training is simple, yet insightful and inspiring.

What to expect 

By selecting this online training package, you gain access to our app. It gives you access to a constantly growing database of over 5.000 exercises, workout plans and tutorials. Whether you wish to focus on a specific muscle group or training style there is a large variety of options to choose from. For each exercise, an instructive video shows you how to you improve your technique. It shows you the specific movement, the muscle groups used, the number of calories burned and the timing in which the exercise should be performed and rested for. If you wish to do so, you can choose and drag exercises to make your own plans, adjusting the number of sets and repetitions to your preferences.


In addition to the exercise bank, we have designed some programs for you already. These serve as a base, as a source of inspiration or as a kick start for your training. You’ll find programs for losing weight and gaining muscle, as well as for improving your energy levels, performance, strength or stability.

The Motifaith online training app is directly synchronized to our food tracking app and the activity trackers of your mobile phone. As a bonus, it can also be synched to your Fit devices and your (business) calendars.


We expect you to bring your motivation and persistence to the table – we will do the rest!


Our goal is to make high-quality training accessible to everyone. That’s why we’ve decided to give full and unlimited access to our Motifaith training app for only 8,95 per month! And as a free, additional gift, we offer you access to our personal food tracking app for the purchase of this plan!


If you need extra help, our trainers are always willing to provide you with tips and insights on your training ideas. Just find us at one of our training facilities or drop us a message. Besides, you can always upgrade your sessions with more personalized one on one support. Whether it is with tracking your progress, coaching or nutritional guidelines. Learn More

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