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I feel tired and want to feel fit, healthy, and energized again! I am facing time limitations, busy schedules, or a lack of inspiration in how to come fit. I need simple solutions. Lessons or home workouts. I want to start a regular physical activity. Improve my lifestyle and maintain it! (Physical and mental energy)


  • I want to reduce stress
  • I want to increase my focus and confidence
  • I want to change my lifestyle


I want to feel at ease, happy and healthy again! Yet I lack the knowledge and motivation for improvement. I need support on a mental and physical level. I  have a problem with one or more of the following;

  • I have a problem with my weight
  • I have  pain in my back, knees or other parts
  • I have a postural problem


I want to feel empowered and fitter than I have ever been to before. I am ready to go the extra mile but I lack technical knowledge about fitness to reach specific and challenging goals. I need insights and inspiration on how and where to improve.

  • I want to lose weight (reduce body fat )
  • I want to gain muscle (increase muscle mass)
  • I want to improve my stamina and overall performance